Sunday, March 8, 2015

Who Dictates Your own Fashion " Sense "?
Who Dictates Your own Fashion " Sense "?
It is no secret that for the most part our fashion sense originates from outside means. The fashion business itself, tv, movie celebrities, vocalists, sports personalities, even family; the listing is unlimited. What is fashion? I like to think of it as comfort wear however unfortunately that's not always the situation.

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If you've ever used 5" stilettos you understand what I'm discussing. Within a perfect world there's nothing even more comfortable than an old set of sneakers and sweats, mine at this time have absolutely no fewer than twelve holes (I can't bring myself to discard them). Walking in to a financial institution dressed up this way puts everybody on guard, I believe I also saw the bank employees press the button! Instead of being comfortable we opt for clothes which are way too tight, way too short, too long, just wrong!

As a society we're programmed about the things we consider is beautiful, this goes with clothing and also the person (that is an entire distinct topic). With this believed in mind, is the typical woman set up to fall short? Let us see it like this; as much as I could see there is nothing more beautiful than a 6 ft . 2 inches rail slim model entering along a stretch of carpet in clothing which you or I would not be caught dead in. Alright, strike one; I just fell short. While the woman is beautiful, the styles are extraordinary, these aren't your typical women. I've yet to discover a woman in aisle 6 of my grocery store donning a sparkling gold dress with wings. If I had I would immediately call my neurologist to arrange an MRI!

Ladies styles consist of colours, fabrics, attitude, and swag. Yes, I said it! Good fashion designers around the globe tease our senses every season along with vibrant and impressive designs, it's through these creations that our creativity is set free to end up being whomever we want to be. Free to discover our own inner self and enable that inner self to radiate through. Although we're affected by the globe all around us fashion comes from within. Only you could say exactly what fits you the best, within your style and in your life. Wonder in what the planet has to provide in the form of style but pick for yourself and never what society dictates. Being an individual fashion is the true you, exactly how you feel, what is good for you. I guess you might refer to it as "YOU FASHION".

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