Thursday, March 12, 2015

Olmec: Colossal Masterworks of Ancient Mexico at the De Young - San Francisco Museum
Olmec: Colossal Masterworks of Ancient Mexico at the De Young - San Francisco Museum
The earthen architecture of Olmecs became the architecture of the Southeastern Indians. There are Native Americans living in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, who look just like the famous Olmec sculptures. Indian corn and beans somehow traveled across the Gulf of Mexico to what is now the United States. How can these facts be explained?

The finding that Neanderthals interbred with modern humans, published in 2010, must mean that we are the same species. In fact, the ability of two organisms to breed and produce fertile offspring is the definition of a species. This pushes back the speciation of Homo sapiens to somewhere around 600,000 years ago.

The Mayans used the stars (Astronomy) to correlate their cycles and were actually quite advanced in many of their calculations. They also had a complex religious system that worked in tandem with those cycles. Like most religious systems, there were plenty of warnings and predictions about what would happen if people did not adhere, get in line and amend their ways. These predictions, along with the current state of affairs around the globe, and the prognostications of many famous and not so famous personalities, have all contributed to the belief that December 21, 2012 must mean the Apocalypse is coming.

If the ball game could be fatal to losers, it had its dangers for the victors too: A hard-hit ball could seriously injure a person whether it struck him solidly in the head or stomach. To protect themselves, players wore heavy padded uniforms with stone knee guards and belts that were hung effigies of opponents' heads.

Hot cocoa has been around a long time and for good reason. It is one of the most potent antioxidant beverages you can drink, plus it is naturally delicious! Archeologists have found that the oldest civilization of the Americas, the Olmecs, (1500-400 BC), were probably the first users of cacao. The Mayans continued consuming-based drinks made with beans. Chocolatl was the name of a drink made from roasted cocoa beans, water and spices and was consumed voraciously by the aristocracy. They primarily drank cocoa but the beans were also valued as a currency.

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